The Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric Chambers, also known a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or HBOT, is a medical treatment used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including helping to increase and boost the natural healing process in patients who have recently undergone surgery.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

As a leader and innovator in the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry, Dr. Lane Smith and Smith Plastic Surgery Institute, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, announces their recent state-of-the-art patient-based technology acquisition, the Hyperbaric Chamber.

Without Hyperbarics


With Hyperbarics

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is the medical use of oxygen in a pressurized environment, at a level higher than 1 atmosphere absolute (ATA). Increased pressure allows for oxygen to dissolve and saturate the blood plasma (independent of hemoglobin/red blood cells), which yields a broad variety of positive physiological, biochemical and cellular effects. This noninvasive therapy is the most trusted way to increase oxygen levels to all organs of the body. The typical treatment lasts for 60-90 minutes, during which the patient lies down and breathes normally.

HBOT has been demonstrated in several clinical studies to enhance the body’s innate ability to repair and regenerate. It is used as an adjunct therapy to complement and enhance the healing process in both chronic and acute conditions.

Our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Process


1. Consultation

You will be guided through the HBOT procedure by one of our skilled medical staff members, who will also evaluate your health objectives and decide whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure.


2. Developing Treatment Plan

Our medical staff in Las Vegas will develop a treatment plan based on your needs. This will contain the number of sessions, the duration of each treatment, and the recommended pressure.


3. Therapy treatment

After a safety check, patients are escorted inside a chamber where they can enjoy the benefits of compressed oxygen while watching television, listening to music, or taking a nap.


4. Analysis

All patients will receive follow-up care from our medical team, which will then evaluate and record the efficacy of the specific treatment.

Understanding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


What is HBOT?

In hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), a patient breathes 100% medical-grade oxygen at a higher atmospheric pressure. It is an entirely natural, non-invasive treatment. HBOT has the potential to provide tremendous health advantages as it can boost oxygen levels in the body by up to 1,200%.


Benefits of HBOT

HBOT from The Hyperbaric Chamber has the following benefits:


1. Decrease inflammation and swelling

HBOT significantly reduces swelling and severe inflammation in patients, especially in the extremities. The inflamed and swollen tissues receive the much-needed oxygen and nutrient-rich blood due to the increased blood flow in the Hyperbaric Chamber.


2. Strengthen the immune system

Your body’s natural immune response can function more effectively and efficiently in an HBOT chamber because of the high levels of oxygen present there. Research has demonstrated HBOT’s capacity to lessen autoimmune symptoms.


3. Promote wound healing

Open wounds can be very dangerous and challenging to treat, especially in people with weakened immune systems. HBOT treatments can provide your body with the additional oxygen it needs to heal itself.


4. Helps with Neuropathy

Neuropathy, a condition marked by persistent nerve discomfort, affects many people, including those with diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, poor circulation, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can aid the body’s natural healing process and lessen neuropathy symptoms.


5. Helps in the fight against cancer

Research has shown that HBOT therapies can stop some cancers from growing. HBOT can also help your body recover from radiation therapy and lessen the adverse effects of chemotherapy.


6. Treatment of air embolism

An individual may suffer unpleasant symptoms like decompression sickness or stroke if gas “bubbles” reach their bloodstream. HBOT therapy can be used to treat people with arterial air embolisms.


7. Promote athletic recuperation and performance

Professional sportsmen use HBOT as a performance enhancer and rehabilitation tool. Our doctors at The Hyperbaric Chamber use HBOT and other therapies to assist athletes of all skill levels in performing to their absolute best.

Medical Use Cases of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy from The Hyperbaric Chamber can help in the treatment of the following ailments:

  • Radiation-induced tissue damage (following cancer therapy).
  • Radiation therapy-induced damage to the bones.
  • Chronic diabetic foot wound that never heals
  • Gas embolism 
  • Carbon monoxide Poisoning
  • Persistent bone infection
  • Compromised skin flaps and grafts
  • Diabetic ulcer
  • Osteoradionecrosis
  • Bone tissue swelling (osteomyelitis)
  • Severe thermal burns
  • Serious anemia
  • Brain infection
  • Decompression sickness,
  • Serious bacterial infection that kills muscles, skin, and underlying tissue (necrotizing soft tissue infection)
  • Any issue that reduces or halts blood flow in the arteries (e.g., central retinal artery occlusion)
  • Crush injury/compartment syndrome
  • Sudden sensorineural hearing loss.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: How It Can Help You Heal Faster


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment that uses pressurized oxygen to help improve the healing process for certain injuries, infections, and other health conditions. When you schedule your consultation, we will be able to determine if hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the right treatment for you and provide you with more information on the results and services offered. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help improve energy levels and overall quality of life during the recovery process.


If you’re looking for a way to improve the healing process for certain injuries or health conditions, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be the right treatment for you. At Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy, we offer high-quality hyperbaric oxygen therapy services to help our patients recover and feel their best. Contact us today to learn more about how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help you or schedule an appointment.

Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy Las Vegas

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Frequently Asked Questions About HBOT

How many sessions will I need in total?

Depending on your health and how you respond to treatment, you may need a certain number of sessions as specified in your treatment plan. While specific emergency treatments, like those for carbon monoxide poisoning, might only need a few sessions, others, like those for diabetic foot ulcers, might need more than 30.

Our medical staff will examine you during the consultation to determine the number of sessions you need.

How long does an HBOT session last?

A hyperbaric oxygen therapy session typically lasts 60 minutes to 2 hours.

How do I get ready for HBOT therapy?

You will receive comprehensive instructions on how to get ready for therapy and what to anticipate during treatment after being evaluated by one of our doctors. 

Our hyperbaric personnel will always be on hand to ensure your safety, comfort, and confidence.

What is the process of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

In essence, hyperbaric oxygen therapies significantly boost the blood’s oxygen content by combining an increased ambient pressure with a high inspired oxygen concentration. This increased oxygen concentration enables the oxygenation of tissues that aren’t getting enough oxygen at rest, promotes the growth of new blood vessels into these under-oxygenated tissues, and aids in the body’s ability to get rid of some bacteria.

What does an HBOT chamber look like?

An HBOT chamber is cylinder-shaped. You can rest inside the chamber, watch TV, listen to music, or take a nap during your treatment. A nurse with specialized training in hyperbaric medicine will always be by your side and in constant communication with you over an intercom system.

Does hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) have any side effects?

Patients usually don’t encounter any side effects from HBOT. However, some individuals state that their ears snap or break between sessions.

Some patients also have a mild sense of exhaustion after the initial treatments, but they should be able to carry on with their regular daily activities. Each patient will receive a thorough discussion of the risks and benefits before starting therapy.

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