Have you just undergone surgery and are having trouble with the healing of your scars? Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy Las Vegas offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), which involves inhaling pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber to aid in healing. Since any oxygen shortage slows the body’s capacity to heal, oxygen has a significant impact on how well scars heal.

Oxygen is necessary for wound scars to heal correctly. Exposing scars to 100% oxygen may hasten their healing. There are various methods for delivering hyperbaric oxygen treatment. It can be administered in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. You are completely submerged in high pressure and 100% oxygen in this environment.

In this article, we will consider how the hyperbaric chamber helps in healing scars.

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Works

When you breathe only 100% oxygen within a pressure container, the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream is greatly increased. By making new blood vessels (a process referred to as angiogenesis), the extra oxygen can help wounds and damaged tissues heal faster and help get rid of scars.

Surgical Scars That Hyperbaric Chamber Can Heal

Hyperbaric Chamber

Diabetic Wound

Red blood cell movement is slowed by the circulation disorders associated with diabetes, depriving vital tissues of oxygen. Without enough oxygen, cells find it difficult to produce the energy required to fight pathogens, make new collagen, or recover from injuries. Regular HBOT treatments deliver a focused flow of oxygen into the patient’s lungs to overcome oxygen deficiency and promote a more efficient scar healing process.

Radiation Burn

HBOT is currently used therapeutically in treating chronic ulcers and the care of radiation burn scars since it has been shown to maximize the pressure of tissue oxygen. HBOT aids in reversing the vascular alterations caused by excessive radiation exposure by increasing the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream.

All of the cells and tissues that have previously been oxygen-starved and harmed by the impacts of radiation are effectively given new life with pressurized oxygen, which dissolves right into the bodily fluids. This process helps in healing scars associated with radiation burns.


HBOT can support a wound’s healing after the initial conservative therapies have been completed. The number of treatments will depend on the location, size, and level of infection of the scar. HBOT is a safe, all-natural, and effective medical treatment for incision wounds that won’t heal. Surgery scars that are having trouble healing can be treated with HBOT since it targets wound healing at a deep cellular level.

Skin Cancer Surgery Scars

Cancerous skin cells are removed using Mohs surgery without the use of chemotherapy or radiation. Mohs surgery may eradicate skin cancer, but it also leaves behind significant scarring and inflammation. The healing effects of HBOT treatments, which help your body’s natural healing processes, can speed up the healing of scars.

Breast Cancer and Post-Mastectomy Wounds

If HBOT is used soon enough after surgery, it can help reduce swelling, bruising, and post-operative pain and enhance your general recovery from anesthesia and surgery. HBOT also helps to improve the appearance of post-mastectomy incisions. After a mastectomy but before breast reconstruction, HBOT enables the radiated tissue to regenerate blood vessels, get back to its healthy state, and recover once surgically repaired. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can accelerate tissue renewal by saturating it with oxygen and reducing inflammation in the tissue.

Skin Graft

HBOT can dramatically improve skin graft and flap results and increase the likelihood that the graft will survive. This is accomplished by reviving and bolstering the bodily functions necessary for successful skin grafting. Additionally, it increases any impaired tissue’s vitality, thereby minimizing the need for additional grafting surgeries.

How a Hyperbaric Chamber Heals Scars

The hyperbaric chamber, through the use of HBOT, speeds up every stage of wound healing, allowing it to heal wound scars anywhere on the body. It functions by changing the transcription of more than 8,000 genes, up-regulating those involved in growth and repair and down-regulating those involved in inflammation and cell death programming.

The results may include:

  • Enhancing leukocyte adhesion
  • Repopulation of injured areas with fresh stem cells drawn from the bone marrow
  • Constriction of blood vessels to reduce edema
  • Enhancing neutrophil function and macrophage killing
  • Inhibition of apoptotic pathways
  • Stimulation of angiogenesis through VEGF and Hypoxic Inducible Factor (HIF) dependent pathways.

Additionally, HBOT increases the production of new collagen by chondrocytes, resulting in more bone being formed by osteoblasts and more connective tissue being produced by fibroblasts.

HBOT can treat scars of any size, whether they are iatrogenic, age-related, or accidental. The capacity to reverse hypoxia and reduce inflammation, which are the main causes of any wound, is crucial. As a result, the FDA has approved the use of HBOT to treat thermal burns, diabetic foot ulcers, radiation harm from cancer treatment, and carbon monoxide poisoning

How HBOT is Delivered

HBOT typically lasts for two hours, and it is an outpatient procedure. It is necessary to breathe 100% pure oxygen at a pressure that is about two to three times higher than the normal pressure. The amount of oxygen in the air we regularly breathe is 21%. Therefore, when we breathe 100% oxygen at high pressure, our lungs absorb a lot more oxygen.

Wrapping Up

A hyperbaric chamber offers a safe, all-natural, and effective treatment for non-healing scars. Every therapy session is simple, painless, and even soothing. If you have an infection or surgical wound that won’t heal on its own, you can use a hyperbaric chamber to speed up and safely boost the healing process.

Each patient will be evaluated by the specialists at Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy, who will then suggest the best course of action for them based on their situation. You will receive HBOT as a patient at Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy in a private setting using the most up-to-date hyperbaric equipment, where you’ll be able to communicate with your treatment team.

The Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy specialists will take care of your particular medical needs and assist you in living a life free of scars. If you have any questions about this therapy or would like to learn how to recommend a potential patient, contact the clinic at (702) 476-4356.