Auto accidents can leave victims with serious injuries – some of which have life-changing effects. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy (HBOT) can help such victims recover from various crush-related injuries in a swift non-invasive manner. Several insurers across various states and Medicaid and Medicare cover this scientifically proven treatment method approved for treating various physical injuries and conditions.

To learn more about Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy in Nevada, including what it is and how it can help car accident victims, read below.  


What Is Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy? 

A nutshell explanation of hyperbaric chamber therapy is that it is a non-invasive treatment for various injuries and chronic conditions where body tissues suffer from oxygen deprivation. When receiving this treatment, the patient must enter a special chamber and breathe in pure oxygen (oxygen-rich air) supplied at 1.5 to 3 times normal air pressure. That helps force more oxygen into the blood. The main aim of this treatment method is to saturate the blood with enough oxygen to allow the body to repair itself naturally. 

Hyperbaric chamber therapy initially used to treat an individual with severe flu in the 1920s, has been utilized over the years to treat carbon monoxide poisoning victims and divers suffering from decompression sickness. The therapy has also been approved to treat many conditions and injuries, including crush-related injuries, in which body tissues are starved of oxygen.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy typically uses two main types of chambers. 

The Monoplace chamber consists of a long plastic tube that has a similar appearance and dimensions to an MRI machine. The chamber gradually pressurizes with 100 percent oxygen and is designed to accommodate a single patient.

The Multiplace chamber is a hyperbaric chamber that accommodates two or more patients during treatment. Patients breathe in oxygen through hoods or masks when using the chamber – more or less the same as the one described above. 


Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy And Auto Accidents 

As a motor vehicle accident victim, you may end up with a variety of injuries, including: 

  • Broken Bones
  • Pulled Muscles
  • Head Injuries
  • Back Pain
  • Whiplash 
  • Neck Pain 
  • Damaged Tendons And, 
  • Scratches And Bruises 

HBOT can help heal these injuries, even though some other form of treatment may be required to treat some at first. Several reasons may cause damaged tissue to be starved of oxygen after a car accident. For instance, the tissue may not be getting a supply of oxygen that is rich enough. Alternatively, the damaged tissue may have a diminished capacity to carry/deliver oxygen. It is possible to ensure that your body has all the oxygen it needs to recover from any of these injuries by providing it with a consistently more prosperous supply of oxygen. 

How Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy Help Car Accident Victims?

Car Accident

Faster Healing Of Wounds

By supplying oxygen-starved tissue with oxygen-rich plasma, HBOT facilitates faster healing. Physical injuries usually damage blood vessels that dump fluid into the surrounding tissue, leading to swelling. With time, tissue death occurs due to oxygen deprivation associated with the swelling. HBOT helps reduce swelling and boosts oxygen supply to the damaged tissue, thus, promoting faster healing.   

Promotes Formation Of New Skin Cells And Connective Tissue

As mentioned above, car accidents can cause severe damage to the skin, muscles, and connective tissue in the body. HBOT is known to promote the formation of new collagen that plays a huge role in healing damaged skin and connective tissue. It occurs in several ways. For starters, this treatment method promotes the formation of new blood vessels. Furthermore, HBOT stimulates the production of vascular endothelial growth factor and other substances that stimulate and attract healing endothelial cells. 

Boosts Immune System 

As a highly effective treatment option, HBOT also boosts a patient’s immune system – which plays a massive role in their recovery after a car accident. In addition to improving the ability of white blood cells to find and fight any pathogens in the body, this therapy can also disable some toxins associated with some types of bacteria by boosting oxygen levels in tissues. All in all, a more robust immune system can fight off pathogens and keep your wounds from being infected during the healing process. 

Preventing Reperfusion Injuries

Crush injuries, like those sustained by car accident victims, can release harmful oxygen radicals when blood flow to tissues is interrupted. These radicals can cause tissue damage, causing blood vessels to clamp up and halt blood supply. To facilitate faster healing, HBOT can promote the destruction of these oxygen radicals.   


Do Insurers cover Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy?

Various insurers (including auto insurers) across the country cover hyperbaric chamber therapy, and Medicaid and Medicare also cover this treatment method. However, it is recommended that you consult your insurer before scheduling the treatment to ascertain whether your condition or injury is covered.


Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy Precautions 

As beneficial as HBOT is for car accident victims when facilitating faster natural healing of their injuries, this treatment method is not for everyone. Anyone suffering from certain types of lung disease, fever or cold, ear trauma, or has recently undergone ear surgery should not undergo this treatment therapy. 

HBOT can cause serious complications, including sinus issues, eye damage, or trauma to the middle ear. Oxygen poisoning – which can lead to various issues – may occur in severe cases. Before proceeding with the treatment, you should probably talk to your doctor to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for hyperbaric chamber therapy.



Suppose a motor vehicle accident recently left you with various injuries. In that case, HBOT can facilitate faster and better recovery from your injuries or any surgical procedures you had to undergo. This way, you can return to your regular routine swiftly. 

To learn more about HBOT for car accident victims, contact Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy, Las Vegas, today.